[mu SETUP] Installing addons

From: charliesheen@hot-shot.co.uk
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 15:34:41 CET

Thank you very much =)))

For some strange reason, the first time I tried this (before I asked for help), setup -f <addon name> did not work. (Maybe because I had the floppy mounted as a standard floppy?) I tried this again and it works!

Michele, if you would like a copy of the chat/database/bulletin board software (in Java) I am working on (when its finished in about 4 weeks) please email me.
The software is part of my university degree final year project, and is cross platform compatible.

A small thank you for your software =)


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>On 23/02/00 at 16:46 charliesheen@hot-shot.co.uk wrote:
>>Okay, take me for the idiot, I don't know how to install the add-ons once you've cloned the basic system (first floppy only with boot/root) onto the hard disk.
>>What do I do now to install them? (In particular disks EXT and X11)
>>From mulinux:
>setup -f EXT
>setup -f X11
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