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Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 06:44:48 CET

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000 08:48:07 +0100, Michele Andreoli wrote:

}On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 08:28:07PM -0500, Unit 4 nicely wrote:
}> No, I mean just a text copy of the steps that the users goes through
}> during installation. Not a program at all. It would allow them to "fill in
}> the blanks" on paper so that they will have all the names and numbers they
}> need to put in when the installer is run.
}MuLinux 'a la carte'!!
}Better solution should be a web page with fill-in form, then user print
}the page.

That would be good too, but also available as a text file. Maybe as a PDF
too. All on a web page. That's what Windows users expect to see. That will
make them comfortable.

}> }An Installation-Guide for DOS users? A GUIDE which cover all possible
}> }trouble for DOS user.
}> The major problems, yes. In DOS language, so they can install without
}> feeling totally lost. Make Linux friendly to them, so they will feel
}> welcome.
}> If you would tell me where to look for the list of questions that the
}> installer asks, I will make that part of the docs.
}That's the question. To explains the meaning of all Setup questions,
}is equipotential to publish a book about Linux, because you have to
}cover networking, serial port, etc.

For Windows/DOS users it would only have to tell them the Win/DOS
equivalent and briefly what it means. Much of the information is on their
machine if they know where to look. They don't have to understand it
completely, just enough to start them in translating their thinking from
DOS to Linux, and to help them get running.

}Maybe, another solution existes: I can add a "h" to Setup prompt:
} Do you want ... (y/n/h)?
}The 'h' switch can shows a lot of additional info, but I can write
}all that in english.

That would essentially be the extra information. I just think it would
help them to be able to have it before they start installing, rather than
having them reading it in the middle of installing.

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