Word processing in Mulinux

From: Arvid Nymoen (arvidny@powertech.no)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 21:16:49 CET


There are several editors available for mulinux, but - as far as I know -
no word processor has been mentioned in this mailing list before.

Here are two possibilities. (I do my testing of Mu on a 486/DX4-100
(performing approximately as a Pentium 45 ?) with 64MB of RAM.)

1. Corel WordPerfect 8.0 for Linux
I got my copy from a cdrom attached to a computer magazine.
In Mu I was able to gunzip the main 23MB file and use the tar tool
to extract the files necessary for installation. But the installation stopped,
complaining the lack of the "egrep" program and later the "cut" program
- two binaries found in other linux versions. So a standard Mulinux
seems to be unable to install WP8.0.

But I have a RedHat 6.0 on another ext2-partition (on the same harddisk)
and installed WP8 to RedHat. With RedHat mounted as a directory
in a Mulinux installation I was able to use the WP8 in Mu without
even transferring a single file!. That was a great surprise to me.

As the WP8.0 files on the RedHat were all gathered in a single directory
(with subdirectories) it was easy to just copy them into the corresponding
directories in Mulinux. The program works quite well - but in my setup I
found that my Windows MS word processors (Wordpad, Word 2, 6, 97)
did not like the resulting files when SAVED AS doc-files in the linux WP.
Files saved as Wordperfect 5-files was interpreted correctly though.

Is it worth it? That's a question each must decide for her- or himself.
The minumum installation of WP8.0 is about 40MB. And the program
is not free software. It can be used for 90 days, some (more specialized
features) have been disabled, and Corel states that it can be used only
for strictly private purposes.

2. Ted
The v.2.7 of "Ted_Linux_ix86.tar.gz" - a 3.4M download.
I had a little trouble with the extraction of the tar file and later the
installation files, but when it all had installed to the right places it
to about 10 MB including the English spelling checker. Additional modules
for other languages are 3MB.

While WP has all the bells and whistles of a modern word processor
the Ted looks more like, say, Write for Win3.1 - no buttons or tool bars,
text menu only. That's quite enough in my opinion. It has less possibilities,
but what it does is enough for most people, I guess.The Ted seems slower
loading a large document, but works faster while editng

Ted saves files in the Rich Text Format only, but as .rtf-files can be used
by most word processors this is no great disadvantage. My Ted documents
are easily read by Windows applications. (In my experience a rtf-document
containing even small graphics is usually larger than files in other file

Ok, now those who want a small, thin linux installation can have that it
their way with a few Mulinux diskettes - and those who want more meat
can use Mulinux too, importing Netscape (as have been discussed before).
a word processor and perhaps other utilities/applications.

Arvid N.

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