[mu SETUP] XF86Config

From: John Crisp (john@fatuk.com)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 10:27:13 CET

Please tell me how I can edit this file and leave it edited.

I believe that xf86config re writes XF86Config everytime you start X. How
then can I edit the file ? (Don't panic, I am not a novice at hacking
XF86Config !)

I would like to be able to set my own timings etc, but can't at present.
Runnung at 640x480 is driving me nuts !

A little explanation of the startup mechanism would be appreciated.

And thanks for a lot of fun !

B. Rgds

John Crisp
Franck & Tobiesen (UK) Ltd - The Old Forge, 53 High Street
Ingatestone, Essex. CM4 0AX. United Kingdom
Tel : 0044 (0)1277 355655 Fax : 0044 (0)1277 355650

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