asmtools - Unix commands in assembler

Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 16:49:19 CET


Could this be an interesting alternative to scripting? Look at all these
re-implemented tools:

What's it all about?

This package is a set of different unix utilities written in assembly language.
Currently it supports Linux and FreeBSD, however it is quite portable to any
i386 OS. It is great for small distributions (rescue, embedded, etc). It
contains extremely small and fast replacements for several unix utilities. Usual
way for small system is to replace binaries with shell scripts; however, scripts
require much more memory and are slow. This package provides:

1) binaries
2) that do not require libc
3) are small as scripts
4) are fast as kernel
5) need only few KBytes of RAM

feature1: the smallest http server -- 596 bytes
feature2: the smallest implementation of linear transformation with recursion --
396 bytes
feature3: plenty of other similar pearls

Another goal of this package is to provide PORTABLE source code library, and to
encourage assembly programmers to write for Linux/UNIX. Usually UNIX is
associated with C, and noone wants to deal with assembly.. Browse the source,
look -- it is simple. Read the docs, start to write, and you will like it :)

Martin Doering

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