Re: [mu install/ tech] 2 surprises

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 17:27:55 CET

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 12:17:58AM +0000, Alfred Breull nicely wrote:
> Hello Michele,
> Thank you very much for your kind reply !
> I've re-installed mulinux. But, I'm afraid, the problems with my
> Thinkpad 340 CSE (12 MB ram, 344 MB ) are the same. :(
> I try to describe what I did and the little additional information
> I have.
> I remembered a note from Tom Oehser. He said to install linux
> (Tom's recue disk) with the line
> loadlin zimage=initrd.img floppy=thinkpad
> and not the original line (= loadlin zimage=initrd.img),
> because the kernel requires special thinkpad parameters.

Grepping in my enourmous mailbox archive, I found a post similar to
yours, maybe FROM you, with this kind of suggestion. Do not work?

> So, I've installed mulinux with a modified boot.bat.
> The new text was
> ------------- boot.bat --------------------

Sorry, Alf: I read all your logfile, but can't help you. Surely,
the floppy? switch do not produce additional info in kernel boot
log. It affect only the floppy_setup() in the kernel, with no
additional messages. Maybe, in newer kernel, thinkpad support
is better. Also your problem about disk geometry are for me
japanese. Try to specifiy hd= geometry, in addition to floppy=
switch. I think also will be a good idea to contact some Linux
newsgroup, because this problem is surely solved by someone.


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