Re: [mu install/ tech] Some more trials

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 11:41:25 CET

I've re-installed mulinux through boot.bat and _one_ line containing:

loadlin.exe mulinuz initrd=ROOT.gz INFO=dosinstall
floppy=thinkpad hd=699,16,63

The command
/#cat /proc/cmdline

showed _one_ line with:
root=/dev/hda1 rw no387 ramdisk_size=4600 aha152x=0x140,10,7,1
max_scsi_luns=1 BOOT_IMAGE=mulinuz

Also, it is CHS=700/16/63 although there is the hd=699,16,63
in boot.bat.

Also, according to,
I tried boot.bat with (one line):

loadlin.exe mulinuz initrd=ROOT.gz INFO=dosinstall
floppy=thinkpad append = "hd=699,16,63"

and tried

... APPEND = "HD=699,16,63" [in case it's case sensitive]
... APPEND = "HD=518,16,63" [the actual cyl in the primary partition]
... hd=518,16,63 [in case it panics :) by 'append']

Unfortunately, loadlin even doesn't read or append it, becaus it always
comes up with CHS=700/16/63.

Also, /#cat /proc/cmdline produces the same output (see above) each time.

Can't I just write 'hd=518,16,63' (or such) in
i.e. as a new line in the 'append' paragraph ?

... or as a constant ... somewhere in
c:\mulinux\mu.cfg ?

Still hoping ... :)

15.03.00 +0100, Michele continued to help and wrote:
>Please, keep all in the same line, removing vga=extended. After
>boot, do that:
> # cat /proc/cmdline
>Do you can see the floppy= entry?

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