Re: [mu ComputerScience] hash functions

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 22:45:56 CET

On Sat, Mar 18, 2000 at 01:02:35PM -0700, Tom Poindexter nicely wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 18, 2000 at 06:10:23PM +0100, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> >
> > I'm interested to hash algoritms and so on. Please, anyone know
> > an URL suitable to this kind of lecture?
> I don't know of a single page, but you can find many by searching Google,
> Altavista, etc. Here are a few:

I'm doing a my own research with searching-engine, but I got
only SHA algorithm. I wish only a simplified digest algorithm (like
MD5) for generating relatively small keys.

> There's also quite a bit of discussion of hashes in crypto research,
> notable, SHA (secure hash algorithm) and MD5. Note that my Tcl Add-on
> floppy for muLinux has an implementation of MD5.

Ah! I forgotten the md5sum in tcl-addon, thanks for tip. I wish
only to understand how to reduce the key length and how to implement
in Perl.

Thannks Tom,


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