Re: Ooops !

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 18:52:52 CET

At 10:34 19.03.00 +0100, Michele wrote:
>I remember well: when I, more time ago, firstly setup a Linux
>for incoming PPP, and when I firstly called my home box from
>external PC with netscape, I weeped for joy for a while!

Similar with me. I was truelly enthusiastic when it run.
I love endorphine secretions. :)

>Mmm ... surely, you know the delightful world of WinNT RAS,
>a world where entire windows, with buttons and menu bar,
>are trasferred byte-to-byte over a poor serial line!

Hey ... I've been working on it all day long. :)

And, as soon as I know how to produce 69.000 bugs, I'll write
my own OS and get USD 500 per copy ! You will remember me ! :)


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