[mu SETUP] toshiba 650ct

From: Boryeu Mao (bmao@Raven.pnu.com)
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 14:18:09 CET

[This may be a bit off-topic but related to
 mu-linux setup nonetheless.]

I have been running mulinux (7r12) on a toshiba
laptop for about a week now. The machine used
to turn itself off when the lid is closed and
resume when the lid is re-opened, without any
change in any of the consoles. Last night,
I noticed that only the screen is turned off
when the lid closes. If I had done something
inadvertently to change the power management
behavior of the machine, I have no idea what
that might be -- the only things that I was
messing with over the weekend were ppp related
stuff (pppd and minicom). And I have a minimal
standard 1-floppy muLinux (ROOT+BOOT+USR), with
only the necessary stuff for ppp. The machine
had been booted to W95 a couple of times during
the weekend -- could something be changed there
that changed some settings? Any suggestions
would be appreciated very much.

Boryeu Mao [bmao@raven.pnu.com]
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