Re: [mu TECH] Two ethernet card

From: winsor (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 23:58:18 CET

What I've found to be usually the best bet is to look at the config
files of other "tiny linux" distro's.....I think that rc.modules and
rc.inet1 or equivalents are the main files to edit though, with a second
section in rc.inet1 defining net parameters for eth1 I know the kernel
will attempt to load modules even if the hardware is non existant8^P


Michele Andreoli wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 04:21:20PM -0600, winsor nicely wrote:
> > This I can do.....would you prefer two of the same cards or two
> > different cards.
> Both. I will search some HOWTO, or you can suggest to me a
> lecture?
> Michele
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The more I use Linux, the harder Windows becomes to use. Point and click
software is too restrictive and difficult to do anything productive
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