Re: [mu TECH] Two ethernet card

From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 09:26:47 CET

I think, the complexity of 2+ Network cards is, that you can do so many
things on it. I have used 2 Card as router into a company network. So I
have no chance to setup any Workstation on this network. Therefore I setup
it with masqurading. This has been as simple as:


# 3-Com PCI card
insmod 3c59x.o

# old ne2000 ISA card
insmod 8390.o
insmod ne.o io=0x340 irq=11

#---- (done with normal mulinux setup)
ifconfig eth0 ......
route add -net .... eth0

#---- for my private net (sample addr)
ifconfig eth1 netmask
route add -net netmask eth1
#---- masq
ipfwadm -F -p deny
ipfwadm -F -a m -S


So far this simple sample ...

AFAIK, if you want it to setup as 'real' router, the config of the
workstation is more simple, but all others have to get a gateway route to
address your machine, when ever they want to access someone behind.

BTW: I found in some doc file, that 2 ne cards are set by:
                insmod io=0x300,0x320 irq=10,11
     but never tested it (may be I do so next time)


> What I've found to be usually the best bet is to look at the config
> files of other "tiny linux" distro's.....I think that rc.modules and
> rc.inet1 or equivalents are the main files to edit though, with a second
> section in rc.inet1 defining net parameters for eth1 I know the kernel
> will attempt to load modules even if the hardware is non existant8^P
> winsor
> Michele Andreoli wrote:
> >
> > On Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 04:21:20PM -0600, winsor nicely wrote:
> > > This I can do.....would you prefer two of the same cards or two
> > > different cards.
> >
> > Both. I will search some HOWTO, or you can suggest to me a
> > lecture?
> >
> > Michele
> >

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