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Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 14:00:26 CET

At 17:32 20/03/00 +0100, you wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 08:39:12AM -0700, Tom Poindexter nicely wrote:
> >
> >
> > The Neowebscript-SA server in the Tcl Add-on can do 'asp-like' processing.
> > Of course, you write your application code in Tcl, embedded in the
> > web pages. For a simple example, start the Neowebscript server, and
> > access the server with a browser. The server recognizes
> > <nws>.....</nws> tags in html pages. Any text between these tags gets
> > interpreted with Tcl's 'subst' command, which will replace $xxxx with
> > the value of a Tcl variable, and [ ] will cause a Tcl script to be
> > interpreted.
>There is in Linux also a package called eperl: embedded perl. It works
>probably in this way.
>My problem is not to understand what ASP is from phenomenological point
>of view -- it is scripting in HTML, as many told on the list -- but how
>it compare with other embedded scripting: javascript, PHP3, etc.
>In other words: I wish to know is the ASP programmer access more features,
>as far OS command are concerned, compared to other scripting.

PHP is much better (and faster) than ASP, it's multiplataform and it's free!
I think the only advantage of ASP is when dealing with M$ things, like M$
Access database, for example. ASP is for M$ fans! :)

Maybe ASP is easier to the people with Visual Basic background (most of
the windows programmers!).
But Chilisoft ( made it's own implementation of ASP to
the Unix platform, for example HP-UX, Solaris and recently Linux. So, now
you can runaway from NT and still get ASP running.

PHP, ASP and eperl are very similar in the way that their interpreters are
compiled directly on the webserver, so there is no need to launch an external
process (like in CGI), or even worse, and external interpreter, to each request
that comes.

There is even a asp2php converter, you can take a look on freshmeat:

And ASP sucks! :)

Claudio Neves

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