mu SETUP: can't configure soundblaster PCI 16

From: Bram Vermeer (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 18:29:25 CET

Dear mulinux friends,

Thanks to mulinux, i managed to ressurect an old 486 (Compaq prolinea
466). it is a box with 1 (one) pci slot and i have put a (original)
soundblaster PCI 16 in it. In the bios i have set the irq to 5 (there
are no other devices with this irq). i also can specify the i/o address
in the bios. i tried several (but not all) from the long list of

I set the sound up in the setup menu, i but didn't get any sound out of
it. Complaints are that it couldn't open the /dev/pci.

Should this type of sound card work with mulinux? And if so, what could
i try to get any sound?

Looking forward for some help....

Thnaks a lot!

Bram Vermeer

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