[mu TECH] testing TEX.tgz addon

From: Alfie Costa (agcosta@gis.net)
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 01:12:53 CET

On 19 Mar 00, at 7:15, Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it> wrote:

> Please, test TEX addon and report me your impression.

Tried installing the new TEX.tgz addon on top of a 7r10b mu -- haven't yet
upgraded to mu 8.x. Probably because it is a new addon, there was no listing
for TEX when doing a 'setup -l'; so I followed the install method quoted below,
from a recent (3/21/00) message:


By hand.

1. Mount the partition with the XYZ.tgz addon and cd in it
2. cat XYZ.tgz | bzip2 -ds | (cd / ; tar -xvf - )


This unpacked TEX.tgz correctly, but didn't add the TEX directories to the
path, nor run any config scripts. From an Xwindow terminal, I tried 'lyx',
(using the full pathname); 'lyx' protested that it couldn't find some needed
config information, then it quit. 'Lyx' looked good while it lasted, and quit
gracefully though.

Is mu 8.x needed for setting up TEX.tgz, or might there be a workaround to
configure it on top of 7r10b?

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