muLinux and CD-boot

From: Randall MacMurphy (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 07:26:08 CEST

I have made a backup of the hda (with windows98) with the commands:

tar cfv - * | gzip -v9 > /win98

Now I have my complete hda1 with Windows in a 500Mo TGZ file.
Hum... 500Mo + muLinux + 0.1 Mo (MBR backup) will be great
burn on a 650 Mo CD-R.

Here is my questions:
1/ How could I install muLinux and burn it with my tgz files on CD-R?
2/ Could I boot with that CD-R with muLinux (read-only media)?
3/ Are gzip and tar available with muLinux?
Could I use the command line
gzip -dc win98.tgz | tar xf -
to restore Windows on hda1 (only if needed of course) ?

Randall McMurphy.

I'm a linux beginner (that's why I care my Win98 works) and english is
not my natural language, please be indulgent.

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