From: Nelson Bishop (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 22:37:45 CEST

Howdy muLinux fans,

I'm a linux newbie, but I've already used muLinux to fix a partition
problem on a friend's PC and to fix a driver problem on Mandrake.

I have now apparently nuked the motherboard on my main PC, I have
only muLinux on this 486/33 8 Megs to get to the net. Pretty amazing
how well it works.

Today's problem: I tried to use TinyIRC, but the nearest server
complained that I needed to run identd. Is identd available in
muLinux (it's not newbie obvious)? If not, which identd should I
download? Or should I just try to find an IRC server that's a bit
less picky?

Maybe it was just a bit of strangeness, I'm able to connect now.
But I'm still interested in a mini-faq on identd in case it happens


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