Re: [mu TECH] testing TEX.tgz addon

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 14:02:43 CEST

On Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 10:28:25PM -0500, Alfie Costa nicely wrote:

> It has now been run, and LyX works. I think it looks good, but not knowing
> much about TEX, LaTEX or LyX is a handicap, as far as fully appreciating the
> package goes.

I never worked really in TeX. I only appreciated the very high quality
of typesetting result. Finally, checking again a lot of articles copy
I have on mathematical and physical subject, I discovered they are all
in TeX. I found also some modern entire book, in TeX. For example, the

        I. Vardi "Computational Recreations in Mathematica"

where "Mathematica" is the famous software from Wolfram Inc.

The language itself, LaTex, is very powerful, but to put single
a blank line in the text is pratically not possibile (a paradox?).
This language constrain a style; very different from MS-Word, where
any writer create own style. Using TeX you have to point only on
CONTENTS, because LOOK is up to software. This is the phylosophy.
The advantage is: scientific papers looks strictly the same; you

> So I read some of the built-in help, which is non-mu and less
> interesting to read.

Lyx documentations reflect the very insufficient interest in
documentations, pertinent to all developers!

> According to Knuth, the name 'TEX' isn't derived from the English 'Tee Eeh
> Eks', but the Greek 'Tau Epsilon Chi', and is therefore pronounced 'Tech' as in
> technical, and not like the first syllable of 'Texas'. Knuth reviews the early

Yes. We pronounce "tek", as in techical.

> The text itself, (of the LyX display, not the text of Mr. Knuth), or rather the
> typeface, looks jaggy in this install; if it matters, I'm running a high-color
> X-server, (XF86_SVGA), not the 16-color VGA one.

It's true: the big text looks very jaggy, also in my Debian and in recent
release of Lyx. This is a free software, and I do not feel to ask anymore.

> Note, for anyone else who is absent-minded and tries installing TEX.tgz over mu
> 7.x: remember to type the full pathname of the TEX 'prolog' file, or else the
> wrong 'prolog' might run, and none of the TEX setup will really happen.

eh-eh! There is a lot of "prolog" around! muLinux start the first in
the path.


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