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From: Renato (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 15:33:20 CEST

On 30/03/00 at 12:18 dumas patrice wrote:

>Well I think you didn't understood my concern (I am not an english
>natural tongue speaker too, as I am french, and I am not always clear !),
>I understand perfectly why you ask for a confirmation before going through
>the runlevel 5, but the critic was about the message itself. I will
>provide an example of what (in my strict opinion) should be better :
>Press enter in 5 seconds to stop here the configuration and the loading
>of your allready configured custom setup.
Michele, if you did so, please change the 5 seconds to at least 10 in order to let the foreigners understand. :^)

>An other thing is that I think running the syst test before the end of the
>configuration is a little risked, as there is a chance that it crashes,
>before the setup is saved, and before you can switch to another console or
>^C it. It happend to me with the test of the printer, it is an ash bug I
>think as it is the result of something like "..." >/dev/lp0 .
>To fix this problem, I think there are two possibilities, one being to put
>an add to the message when it asks whether you want to test the
>hardware, like :
>"message" (risky, you can lose all the work you did before)
>The other to launch it in a separate script, during the tour made at the
>end of the install.
This hapened to me too a couple of times. It is very anoying to configure everything again. Now I allways save before testing. I like Pat's ideas.


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