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From: corey.eiseman (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 17:13:12 CEST

Frits Rouw wrote:
> I am trying to install MuLinux on my laptop, (toshiba 110st 16 mb ram).
> The last problem i have is finding the correct mouse type, the intelli
> mouse integrated on the keyboard.
> Ps-2 type should work but even gpm won't start.
> Any hints ??? Thanks !!!

Hi! I've been lurking for a while and have been enjoying tinkering with
muLinux on a laptop as well. Finally a question I might be able to
answer!! :)

If you want to use the setup feature, use 'setup -f port' and after
choosing (or skipping) MODEM_DEVICE and PRINTER_DEVICE, you should enter
'/dev/psaux' for MOUSE_DEVICE, and 'PS/2' for MOUSE_PROTOCOL. This
should install the proper drivers for any PS2 mouse built into a laptop.

I've started using a simple shell script that will install the mouse
drivers for me and start gpm all in one step:


        setup -m misc/misc
        setup -m misc/psaux
        gpm -m /dev/mouse -t ps2 -r 10

There is a linux on laptops HOWTO that is very helpful:

Anyway, I've also just recently gotten the PCMCIA card modem working as
well, and am thoroughly impressed at how MuLinux has made this old 486
laptop a very useful machine, with just a few floppies! Great job,
Michele!! A postcard is on the way as soon as I can find one suitable.
Although you may already have one from Tallahassee, FL, I noticed there
was someone else on this list from here as well. Small world! Hi Brett!!

viva la muLinux!

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