Re: how to install the muLinux into hd

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 17:03:09 CEST

Affa Pan wrote:

> I still understand how to install muLinux into hd.
> I tried your instructions as the following:
> 1. boot with base & ext floppy.
> 2. run clone, but some errors appears.
> when I choose option 2 (ext2), it tell me to put a startup floppy.
> what is the startup floppy?

Hm the disk you've started with? OK the first Disk (Boot, Root, USR)

> I just want to install muLinux into my 250MB hd, and want to partition a
> Linux swap
> partition (about 32MB) and the rest for a Linux native partition. Do you
> have simple
> instructions? Thanks for your reply!

OK I've done that. In the same way on a 120MB hd. And Hey it works.
But I don't use the LILO (Because there is a Dos system already running so
I decided to use LOADLIN.
I wanted to install on my Laptop, and there the liloconfig doesn't work.
And I dont have figured out the error.
But with LOADLIN it works very easy. OK.

1. Install muLinux in Ram (first Disk)
        (for liloconfig you need EXT Disk)

2. Partinion Harddisk (Linux Nativ, Swap...)

3. Run Clone (with Loadlin)

        (I tried this, but it is not working yet. But I am. : )


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