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From: corey.eiseman (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 22:43:20 CEST

> This is not really needed in muLinux, because it can simply answer
> the right questions in Setup/Port and Setup/Gpm the, during first
> boot.

Very true.. For some strange reason out of habit I often skip the
autoconfiguration at startup. So I've used a script to load some necessary
modules when i do skip the setup. I realize i could also do 'setup -f port',
etc. but mostly I was just curious how the setup itself works "behind the
scenes." I was interested in learning how to achieve the same results
manually, simply for my own education. But you are correct, this is all very
unneccessary, and the setup features built into muLinux work quite well on
their own!

> Do you successful run a PCMCIA modem with PPP and other? Please,
> write down some line for me.

Yes, just a few days ago! I was very excited to finally hear the sounds of a
modem connection. I'm not sure what information you are asking for, but i'll
give you what I know, and if i misunderstand you at all please ask again.

The modem is a Viking Components 56k PC Card modem. To get the PCMCIA card
manager running I had to load the following modules:

setup -m misc/serial
setup -m pcmcia/pcmcia_core
setup -m pcmcia/i82365
setup -m pcmcia/ds
setup -m pcmcia/serial_cs

and set my modem device to dev/ttyS2, (although i'm sure this is unique to my
system.) Then typed 'pcmcia start' to activate. Other than that, I assume I
configured ppp properly because I've got a working internet connection! Still
don't have email, but thats most likely a POP3 misconfiguration on my end.

>> viva la muLinux!

> Ummm ... "la" is female, "il" is male. An interesting question, the
> muLinux sex.

ha! sorry, i'm very bad with languages, BUT at the risk of embarrassing myself
further i will say that I've always thought of computers as females, same as a
captain refers to their ship as a female. Never really wondered if that
extended to the OS, though. :-)


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