Re: Mulinux and my Thinkpad 720c

From: Sean Roe (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 09:05:38 CEST

Dear all,

I have spent a couple of hours looking around for the drive info for this drive so I can install muLinux on it.

The Drive in it appears to be a Western Digital 160 MB (Woo Hoo!)
It Carries the model # WD-W2160D

I am still trying to find the geometry for this drive. If anybody knows it or wher I can find it please let me know. I have allready checked WDs
and IBMs sites.


Sean Roe
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_/On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 15:14:18 -0700, Sean Roe wrote:
_/}well I made my first set of floppies, boot, X and vnc. My problem is when I try to install (or clone) to my hard drive it gets to the screen where it
_/}shows the hard drive parameters but doesn't show any devices. This is a thinkpad 720c with an 80 meg HD and 12 MEgs of RAM its
_/}equivilent with a P/S2 model 25.
_/}I Guess my questions is how do I make the HD visable to the OS?
_/}insmod some module?
_/Here's from a previous message to the list, pertaining to Thinkpads and
_/The information I have which seems to relate to this is in Welsh's shorter
_/book "Linux Installation and Getting Started", section 2.3.1
_/"To force hardware detection, you must enter the appropriate parameters at
_/the boot prompt, using the following syntax:
_/ramdisk <parameters.....>
_/There are a number of such parameters available; here are some of the most
_/hd=<cylinders>, <head>, <sectors>
_/Specify the hard drive geometry. Required for systems such as the IBM
_/PS/1, ValuePoint and Thinkpad. For example, if your drive has 683
_/cylinders, 16 heads and 32 sectors per track, enter
_/ramdisk hd=683,16,32
_/[Your geometry is probably available on the IBM site under technical specs
_/for your drive.]
_/[The SCSI and CD ROM How-Tos explain more about hardware compatibility.
_/They may not refer to your hardware specifically, but might serve as good
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