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Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 03:41:08 CEST

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 15:14:18 -0700, Sean Roe wrote:

}well I made my first set of floppies, boot, X and vnc. My problem is when I try to install (or clone) to my hard drive it gets to the screen where it
}shows the hard drive parameters but doesn't show any devices. This is a thinkpad 720c with an 80 meg HD and 12 MEgs of RAM its roughly
}equivilent with a P/S2 model 25.
}I Guess my questions is how do I make the HD visable to the OS?
}insmod some module?

Here's from a previous message to the list, pertaining to Thinkpads and

The information I have which seems to relate to this is in Welsh's shorter
book "Linux Installation and Getting Started", section 2.3.1

"To force hardware detection, you must enter the appropriate parameters at
the boot prompt, using the following syntax:

ramdisk <parameters.....>

There are a number of such parameters available; here are some of the most

hd=<cylinders>, <head>, <sectors>

Specify the hard drive geometry. Required for systems such as the IBM
PS/1, ValuePoint and Thinkpad. For example, if your drive has 683
cylinders, 16 heads and 32 sectors per track, enter

ramdisk hd=683,16,32

[Your geometry is probably available on the IBM site under technical specs
for your drive.]

[The SCSI and CD ROM How-Tos explain more about hardware compatibility.
They may not refer to your hardware specifically, but might serve as good

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