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From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 08:58:44 CEST

> >
> > The only chance is to put the code relative to 2th card in
> Can you explain this a little bit more? I have found two files which i
> could be usable
> but i am not sure. (Setup/Local/Cnf/eth.cnf and /etc/rc.local). As you
> see i tried to copy
> the code like the code for the first eth card. But he still find only
> eth card. Can you help
> me where and what i should edit so that both cards are configured?
eth.cnf is the wrong place. The only chance would be ../fun/, but I
recommend rc.local (or build a new cnf/fun pair. I did the last for plip.
It's quiet simple if you respect only your own needs. But then you have to
rebuild the archives!)

In general what to do?

1. If you use 2 types of ether cards: load the module for 2. card
   elseif autoprobe found only one card, change parameters for both cards
   else ok

2. assign a IP address to this 2. card: ifconfig eth1 x.x.x.x ....
3. set a route so that it can be used : route add -net x.x.x.0 eth1
4. setup ip masquerade
        (that is very dependend on what you are doing)

I'am using muLinux 3r8 and I don't need this ip_masq_ftp.o module! Ftp
is routed well. So if everything else works fine, yust try ftp either.

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