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From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 10:49:41 CEST

> ...
> but i am not sure. (Setup/Local/Cnf/eth.cnf and /etc/rc.local).
> ...

Hey, I just looked into your eth.cnf.

There are many (newby?) flaw's in it.

1. Assign a variable twice only leaves the last value in!

* but for the next statements, I do so as if you setup eth0 with first set
  and eth1 with second.

2. Are both cards of type ne (ne2000 clones)? Then you need ...
   MODULE_PARAMETERS='io=0x240,0x300 irq=3,10'
   ...for these two cards.
   0x240 is not very common to ne cards, are you shure?
   autoprobe checks 0x300,0x280,0x320,0x340,0x360 in this order.
3. seems like you are trying to set:
        eth0: mask
        eth1: mask

        both card's are part of the same (sub-)network (
        I'am nearly sure, that is not your intend.

4. First adapter is set as gateway for his own network. If this would
   realy be used, the first packet would be send for ever to the
I recommend you to read something about shell scripting and IP networking.
(some HOWTO or magazine artikel) This themes are too complex to cover
entirly and sufficient for you in a mailing list, even if everybody trys
hard to do so.


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