Re: viva il muLinux!

From: corey.eiseman (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 14:05:50 CEST

> Linux is male, or it sound male in my language.

I'm very sorry for making this error, Michele! I hope you were not
offended. It was certainly not my intent to offend you, i am just not
used to using gender specific words and languages. All I meant to say
was "Hooray for MuLinux," because it is very impressive to me, I'm
getting a lot of use out of it and am learning more every day. (although
obviously I still have much to learn.) Please keep up the great work,
and i will go back to lurking so i don't disturb the people who know
what they're talking about any more than I already have. ;)

have a great day!

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