mu SETUP - Mulinux as Gateway

From: Hans-Jürgen (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 20:34:13 CEST

Does anyone use Mulinux as Gateway and can tell me how two configure
multiple ethernet cards?
I have two ne2000 clones and later i will have one ne2000 and one 3Com card.

What i tried:
use setup -f eth and choosed ne as module and put io=240,300 irq=3,10 as
the two cards were detected but i could not configure the second card with
ifconfig and route cause the device eth1 was not found.

alias ne eht0
alias ne eth1
option ne io=240,300 irq=3,10
into modules.conf.
It had no effect. The cards were not detected and not configurable

tried append in lilo.conf -> no effect

Anyone who uses Mulinux as Gateway can you tell me what you did and send me
your configfile which lets you use your ethernet cards under Mulinux?

mfg, Hans-Jürgen

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