Re: modules

From: Christian Dietrich (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 21:46:26 CEST

>> Hi,
>> I really tried to find the modules for 2.0.36 compiled on the net, but I
>> couldn't find them. So has someone an idea where to find it ? If so, I
>> think it would be good if there was a link from mulinux page to this.
>> And if nobody finds, I am sure Michele, that somewhere on one of your hard
>> drives you have all that stuff, so if you think it's a good idea, if
>> you have the want, the time, and a FTP server with some place in, could
>> you, s'il te plait, put the modules on the web ?
>> (if I have a right to upload to a ftp server I could do it myself, just
>> say !).

>I released, many time ago, a MODULES-36.tgz or MODULES.tgz on the site;
>but (i'm honest with you) a this moment I do not know exactly the link.
>Try to explore from the muLinux homesite.


I downloaded that file (modules-2.0.36.tgz approximately 600 K in size)
some time ago (sorry, don't remember where :-) ). If someone would like to
put it back online, I can mail it.

Dumas Patrice,
I also found some ip_masq... modules in it. Please write me, if you would
like me to mail them to you.


C. J. Dietrich

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