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From: Thomas Wille (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 00:50:08 CEST

Hello Mu-Users,
let me introduce as a fresh - 7 day old Mu-Newby.

I used to install mu-linux-package version 6r4 for giving a
Tcp-Ip-access to the little 386-25mHz machine of my father (8 MB Ram, 40 MB
hard disk). I think, it's a wonderful installation which needs only 5 MB disk
space of an umsdos-file-system for the basics. (I gave also 2 MB swap to it)

But when I tried the little sendmail-script, I got the following log file:

Dialog started at: Sun Apr 2 10:27:15 2000
mail: -> recipient

expect [*SMTP*]
-> got [220 ESMTP]
sent [HELO]
expect [*250*]
-> got [250]
sent [MAIL]
expect [*250*]
-> got [250 ok]
sent [RCPT TO:]
expect [*250*]
-> got [250 ok]
sent [DATA]
expect [*354*]
-> got [354 go ahead]
sendmail: Sending DATA.
sent [.]
expect [*250*]
-> got [451 See]
sent [quit]
expect [*250*]
-> got []
sendmail: Done.


so I looked at
where I could read:

--------------------- snip --------------------------
Your mailer is violating 822bis section 2.3, which specifically
prohibits all bare LFs.


What is a bare LF, anyway?

It is an ASCII linefeed (LF) character not preceded by an ASCII carriage-return
(CR) character.

Every line in an Internet mail message is required to end with CR LF. The entire
message ends with CR LF dot CR LF. 822bis specifically prohibits other
uses of LF.

The mail clients discussed above are incorrectly ending lines with LF and, in most
cases, ending the entire message with LF dot LF. That's not CR LF dot
CR LF, so a server such as will sit there waiting for the rest of the message.
After a while it'll give up and drop the connection. Your mail doesn't
get through.

Some mail servers convert a bare LF into CR LF, and accept LF dot LF as the end of a
mail message. This behavior is specifically prohibited by 821bis.

------------------ snip --------------------

Indeed the outgoing messages situated at /usr/spool/mail have only the
character '0a' between the lines, which is the LF symbol. And at the end
there is a dot LF dot as described in the article above. Mu-sendmail seems to
copy these files as they are to the net, instead of adding some CR's.

So have I to alter my sendmail-script? Maybe it is sufficient to add an
unix2dos somewhere in this script. But it should only have effect to the
message body, not to the header, because connection was already established.

Does anybody have a working patch?

2nd question: diald.conf:

which are the correct values for NAMESERVER and NETWORK if you have a single
workstation connected by modem?



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