[mu TECH] 'connected' tweak

From: Alfie Costa (agcosta@gis.net)
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 06:27:34 CEST

Second tweak:

In /usr/bin/connected

This sequence:

    if [ "${conn}" ] ; then
        return 0
        return 1

...can be shortened to:

    [ "${conn}" ] ; return $?

...which does the same thing, but maybe is harder to read, and if so it
deserves a comment like "return 0 if $conn exists, 1 if not".

The changed file is attached, though the name is slightly truncated, because
Pegasus Mail, (or rather Win95), doesn't completely understand the 'umsdos'
file system.


conn="`ifconfig|grep ppp`"
conn="${conn}`ifconfig|grep eth`"

[ "${conn}" ] ; return $?

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