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From: Sven Conrad (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:51:23 CEST

> "Sven" is a german name, or is a kind of abbreviation?

nope. It's scandinavian (I'am not). If you can't sleep, try to count the
sven svensons in the phonebook of stockholm.

I never have heard a abbreviation for sven nor a thing is a abbreviation
for ;-))

> > The only chance would be ../fun/, but I
> > recommend rc.local (or build a new cnf/fun pair. I did the last for
> Please, Sven. If you have a cnf/fun pair for PLIP, please share with
> us (after good testing).

Uhhh. I'am very seriouse in saying: "...simple if you respect only your
own needs"

What are my need's: Connecting my laptop via plip to a PC (running
mulinux) as my gateway to a big LAN / Internet. I'am sure I said it recently.
Because of this, I simply setup ip-masquerade inside configure()! I guess,
this is not common (but harmless). So I will look over my current state and
change it, so that it may be more reliable. Please give me some time.

Is there realy a interest in plip? It seemed to me for long time, that
I'am the 'last' plip user ;-).
It is often postet as dying out feature, because you can use it only for
PC-PC links and for this purpose, ethernet is much much better. Even this is
true I like plip, because it's working without any additional hardware!

Good testing?: Is there anybody who would like to contribute. It's working
(too good) in my environment, but where else?

Has anybody suggestions, what to do with plip?

I only copy the eth pair and change it for my need. I'am sure, that I
don't understand everything (I don't know much about script programming) and I
need to test it with a new mulinux version.


(Sven Conrad, Hildesheim (near Hannover), Germany. You will get a
Post-Card as soon as I remember it at shopping)

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