Blue Screen and Vertical Cursor ?

From: Bob Goodwin (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 14:35:22 CEST

I have been messing with muLinux configuration for a week and and
can't do better than the blue screen and a vertical bar that
comes up when I move the mouse.

The computer is an old [ca. 1993] Gateway 2000 dx2-66v, a '486,
66MHz, 8megs RAM, with a 202 meg HD. If the HD was larger I would
have installed Red Hat 5.2 which I have on this box but I've been
looking for a small distribution that would fit in the available
space. I have tried several but muLinux looks like a good bet
since there are people out there working with it.

The video board is a Diamond Viper VLB VGA Color with 2 megs of
memory which uses a Weitek P9000 chip. It appears that it should
use XF86_P9000 but I am wondering if it shouldn't run with the
existing XF86_VGA16 file?

The display is an unknown 14" VGA labeled ALTON?

I just did setup -f X11 [u] again to restore things and undo
various configuration changes I made.

The mouse is marked "Serial Mouse" Mitsumi Electronics Corp.
MGL for which I selected MICROSOFT.

Can anyone tell me what to do next?


Bob Goodwin Durant, Florida

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