RE: Mu SETUP - X question

From: John Rowland (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 00:13:43 CEST

>> 1. Regardless of which X interface I run, the mouse cursor goes to the top
>> the screen and stays there. It will move left <-> right but not up <->
>> I have a MS mouse attached to a PS2 aux port.
>Maybe you have to set /dev/psaux as device, but PROTOCOL different
>from PS/2. Try "Microsoft".

I tried this configuration with the same results. Also tried with 3-button
emulation. I have tried in the past with gpm configured, but had the same

>> 2. What keystrokes allow you to manuever the screen without using the
>> i.e. tabbing from window to window, etc.
>Some keystrokes works in X-Windows, but I know only TAB.

I was unable to make any keystroke (including TAB) or combination of keys


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