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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 18:30:54 CEST

> Torino? Ho abitato a Grugliasco e Borgaro per un periodo quando
> lavoravo all'Aeritalia. Ma questo e' il famoso Galileo Ferraris
> di Torino, o non centro nulla con l'orologio atomico?
> Michele
> --

You bet it! However, I do not work on the atomic time stuff, rather on
low-temperature physics, to be more precise Josephson junctions (oh,
dear!) and radiation detectors.
This is clearly and undoubtly off-topic in this mailing list...

The only justification I have is to report my experience with Linux here
at IEN. The sad thing is that also in a research institute like this,
where people should be more open-minded and prone to accept new and better
technologies, most of my collegues are so windows-sick that they cannot
even THINK to switch to something different. And so they pass much of
their time installing and re-installing Win98. Just two days ago I was
reported that a new PC, that had arrived the day before, had crashed and
could not be used... (one full day uptime!, can you believe that?) The
other problem is laziness. People is too accustomed to just pressing
buttons without thinking to what they do or to what they might even obtain
with the right computing environment.

I have, for example, one colleague that, after many months of "pressure"
by myself, had decided to try and install Linux. However, after the
installation... "well, what do I do, now?", "ok, you need to read a little
bit of documentation, try and configure things to your like and taste."...
"No, I don't want to read anything, I don't want to lose my time..." and
after just a little bit of playing around in fvwm95 (argh!) "Well, the
mouse does not respond like in Windows, I don't like it..." (sic!!) "ok,
you gonna use XF86C...", "No, I do not like how the mouse... I don't like
this Linux..." Well, he has never used Linux anymore. In this case, I
think it is not bad for the linux community, however, it testimonials a
mental habit: everything must be ready, and you must not do any tinkering
around, you must not learn anything, it is bad to learn anything.

In my opinion Linux is nice because you have complete control on your
system, you have power in your hands, you can do whatever you want just
playing a little bit with some tiny, text-based, configuration files. Just
like in dos or on a Commodore64 or an AppleII. But real power means that
you have to learn something, maybe it is slightly more complicated but,
how satisfying!

I am very sorry. This mail has grown too much. But I wanted to express
these things and I am sure that most people on this mailing list can
understand me.

Ciao, bye, tchuess

-- Sabino

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