Re: muLinux addons?

From: winsor (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 03:41:50 CEST

You can strip out unwanted packages by choosing the "choose individual
packages" option when picking software packages to install.
if you miss any needed packages RedHat will issue a screen labeled
"unfullfilled dependancies" or some other such nonsense.
You after manually striping RedHat you "should" have a running system.

BTW my wife used to grumble about exactly that uh before she
left that is.....8^P
Have hope, mornings almost here:)

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I believe you Winsor but I'm really getting frustrated with this
> effort! Red Hat 5.2 seems to want 176 meg's with virtually
> everything stripped off it. I get down to the end with a 180 meg
> partition via fdisk and it dies on me! It gives me 10 megs of
> Netscape 4.05 that I could do without for starters plus a lot
> more I'm sure. If I could once get it installed I could clean it
> out!
> I'll keep working on it, need to get away from it for a while. My
> wife complains that I've done nothing else for two days! Ha.
> I'm sold on Linux though, on this box it will run forever without
> crashing, always does what I want! I hardly ever go back to
> Windows 98. Using Linux for more than a year now ...
> Thanks.
> Bob Goodwin Durant [near Tampa], Florida
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The more I use Linux, the harder Windows becomes to use. Point and click
software is too restrictive and difficult to do anything productive
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