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Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 01:25:22 CEST

When using Thttpd one MUST give data files(images, text, html) chmod
644, and executables chmod 755......this is for security purposes to
keep a script with incorrect permission from being viewed by a possibly
hostile user.
As far as the chroot() call this is the default compilation option, and
doesn't allow access outside the chosen root directory in any way...
User nobody is just a bit safer than running thttpd as root as "nobody"
has (no) permissions outside of the server root directory.

Had those problems and found the answer.....
good luck

Clive Wright wrote:
> I am having problems with the latest beta release.
> The first problem was a missing image in the home page which
> was caused by a missing symlink to images from
> /usr/local/thttpd.
> I also added another symlink to a local copy of the linux
> gazette which lives on my ntfs partition mounted on /ntfs.
> Until now file permissions have not been a problem with
> mulinux as all processes run as root; so why was I getting
> 403 errors when attempting to view web pages on
> /ntfs/inetpub/wwwroot/lg/ ?
> I found from the output of "ps aux |grep httpd" that thttpd
> was running as user nobody; hence the forbidden errors. I
> have modified the line in which starts thttpd by
> adding "-u root". Now I get 500 errors instead of 403
> errors. From experimenting with file permissions I find that
> thttpd will not serve web pages with "x" permissions so
> /ntfs was remounted with options "-o noexec,ro" but still
> the problem persists.
> Just to check I had not done something stupid I killed
> thttpd and launched pygmy. All my web pages on the nt
> partition reappeared.
> Yes I know pygmy uses a different document root but my lg
> symlinks in /home/httpd and /usr/local/thttpd both point to
> the same folder on /ntfs.
> I cannot think of anything else to try, hence this posting.
> Has anyone else had similar problems? If so how were they
> resolved. Failing that if anyone else has an ntfs partition
> accessible to mulinux can they check whether thttpd can
> serve web pages from it?
> Thanks in advance,
> Clive
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