Re: linux kernel 2.0.38

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 11:36:37 CEST

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 10:37:13PM +0100, Clive Wright nicely wrote:
> I know a lot has been discussed about why mulinux is staying
> with the 2.0.xx kernel instead of upgrading to 2.2.xx but I
> see from browsing the that the latest 2.0.xx
> kernel is 2.0.38.
> Would there be any benefit in upgrading mu to
> mulinuz-2.0.38 ?

The kernel 2.0.38 is identical to 2.0.36, a part a security fix,
but I'm not totally sure. Anycase, to recompile other kernel for
muLinux is a big problem, because SoundDriver for the PC-Speaker
is not longer mantained by author for other kernel


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