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From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 11:17:57 CEST

The basic idea of mulinux is one diskette, one (root)user, many pcs.

So you can manage a lot of pcs with one diskette to
try/install/configure something.

As I know, mulinux is not designed for "different"-multiuser. For a long
time no password was necassary, because there was no login. Now I mean
to remember, there is a real /etc/login, but i newer used/tried it.

The "hard way" to add an account for a new user is to "vi" a new entry
in /etc/passwd und create a new directory for the user. Do not forget to
chown the new user-home-dir. Perhaps you need some .profiles, .xyzrc.
typically located in /etc/skel in the big linuxes. To change the passwd,
/usr/bin/passwd is also needed.

Perhaps someone can answer more exactly for mulinux

Christian schrieb:
> I'm newbie, I've installed muLinux (umsdos) successfully within all
> available packages. After the whole setup a I tried to find a way to add
> a new users/account right now but commands like "adduser" o "useradd"
> seems not present. Dir. /sbin/ are "empty"like many others, there is
> only one file... Inside X I tried to looking for a some tools to help me
> but no results......uhmmm I'm thinking, I'm not able to use it!
> Please, need futher helps ! Thanx
> (Ps: pardon my bad english...)
> Christian Mainardi
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