Re: [mu TECH] Added color and l alias to ls

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 23:27:40 CEST

On Sun, Apr 16, 2000 at 07:28:18PM +0200, Miguel Angel nicely wrote:
> Hi!
> I have added color to ls.conf, so ls will do list in nice colors.
> Also, i have added l as an alias to 'ls -l'

Setup/Misc provide a LISTING parameter able to manage the
ls output:

case $LISTING in
normal) echo "" > /etc/ls.conf ;;
colored) echo "-s --color=tty" > /etc/ls.conf ;;
multi-column) echo "-F" > /etc/ls.conf;;

Why your patches, Miguel? The "colored" switch do not work
without kickstarting, or do you like authoritative coloration?

> Saludos


PS - about authoritative stuff
Conservative Alliance won regional election in Italy, today,
with the exception of Toscana, Umbria, Emilia and few other.

I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't 
remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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