Re: [TECH] Modem-to-Modem wire connection

From: Mark Thoren (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 14:22:32 CEST

I have little experience connecting two computers via serial port but
much experience connecting computer serial ports to other devices. If
your two machines are next to one another, you can connect them
directly via a null modem and eliminate the telephone modems entirely.
There is a great section in The Art of Electronics (Horowits and Hill)
entitled "How to become an RS-232 genius," (or at least how to convince
your friends you are one."

Mark,.Internet writes:

>This is a question for electronic engeneering: it is possible
>to connect together two modems, using simple telephonic cable,
>and to use standard tools to communicate between?

>I think the problem is "central tone", etc. Some experience
>on this list?


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