[mu TECH] NEW: Runtime sound driver configuration (2)

From: Miguel Angel (maacruz@navegalia.com)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 00:11:43 CEST

Hi Michelle!

Here is my latest patch for mulinux 8r3b
It is a pair of scripts for configuring the port, irq, and dma's of the sound
blaster driver at runtime, avoiding the need to recompile the module.
Also, the sound setup at startup is modified to use this utility.
I had to include a binary echo command, because i really needed it for my
script, but it size is only 5kb, and once compressed it seems it only uses a
few bytes.

The files included in this package are:
/usr/bin/binpatch: a binary patcher (patch files generated with cmp -l)
/usr/bin/soundcfg: the sound setup utility
/etc/snddrvaddr: interesting addresses into sound driver
/etc/profile: /etc/profile patched to make ash to use /bin/echo
/bin/echo: echo command
/setup/* sound setup files

Please, untar this under your {mulinux}/tree directory and rebuild.

And now, a question about the EXT addon.
I have seen there is a /usr/local/lib directory with several lib files, but it
seems there is no program in the ext addon which uses them. Are they used by
any program in another addon? Why are they here then?

Saludos ;-)
Miguel Angel

P.D.: I'm sorry, I forgot to attach the tgz before pressing the send button :-(

Don't see the world trought a window, be open{source}minded, and be free :-)

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