Re: [TECH] Modem-to-Modem wire connection

Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 03:49:28 CEST

In a message dated 4/22/00 4:34:37 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> Do not worry about that: I know AT command. My only doubt is about
> cable, because usually crossover is needed: transmit pin connected
> to receiving pin, on the other side, and so on.
> Michele

I think that telephone systems all over the world are wired so that this is
not needed.
The system is designed for both parties to talk at once, unlike a serial
port. There are lots of variations about this and that and the other,
however, in the other telephone system specs. A modem might refuse to
respond if it didn't sense line voltage (which does vary) but most of them
are not that bright.

Thank you for muLinux; I'm just starting with it. When I first boot it,
there's a line that pops up "k: not found" just before "copy X11.tgz image
onto floppy-disk" ?
Happy Easter to those who celebrate that holiday tomorrow.

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