Re: [mu TECH] Runtime sound driver (Alfie)

From: Miguel Angel (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 20:33:14 CEST

El Sun, 23 Apr 2000, :"Alfie Costa" <> kindly wote:

> Some 'ash' script observations and/or questions:
> 1) In 'profile' there's a macro for this new '/bin/echo'.
> Assuming that 'ash's built-in 'echo' is faster than an external program, (maybe
> it isn't -- on general principles it should be though.), wouldn't this slow
> down every script that uses 'echo'? One fix would be to rename this new
> '/bin/echo' to '/bin/echobin', and call it with 'echobin'.

I patched /etc/profile to make echo work always as i expected, not being so
concerned about speed questions. I think there is no noticeable speed loss,

> 2) A tweak. Anything like 'if [ "$reverse" != "" ]' can be reduced to
> 'if [ ${reverse} ]'. Possibly it's not as obvious what that code does; my
> defense would be that mu's microscopic size is one of it's best features.

Ok,though 5 bytes is not a lot of space :-)

> 3) In 'binpatch't, there's some 'awk' code...
> pos=`echo|$AWK "{print( $pos-1 )}"`
> It looks as if the goal is to subtract one from 'pos'. If that's true, then
> this is faster:
> pos=`expr "$pos" - 1`

You are right. In ash there is no builtin arithmetic, so i used awk, i missed
completely "expr". Thanks for pointing this out.

> 4)Also from 'binpatch' is this redirection code:
> $ECHO -n -e "$byte" | \
> dd of=$1 bs=1 seek=$pos count=1 conv=notrunc>/dev/null 2>&1
> If 'dd' has an output file (of=$1) then nothing ever gets sent to standard
> output, only perhaps to standard error. So, this would be simpler:
> ... dd of=$1 bs=1 seek=$pos count=1 conv=notrunc 2> /dev/null

Yes, you are right again. Being harmless I forgot it from early stages of the

> Well, that's it so far; thanks for writing and sending out this useful
> and hope the above is somehow helpful...

Thanks to you all for trying it :-)

Don't see the world trought a window, be open{source}minded, and be free :-)
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