Re: [mu TECH] soundcfg bugfix

From: Miguel Angel (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:18:14 CEST

El Wed, 26 Apr 2000, escribiste:
> On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 09:04:31PM +0200, Miguel Angel nicely wrote:
> >
> > Really good idea! I have done it before for DOS programs. We may start testing
> > it with keyboard map files, as you stated in other mail.
> >
> The patch idea is good if we have files with the same lenght: this isn't true
> for keymaps. keymaps are text file: for them, should be better to use the
> pair "diff/patch", starting from a basic keymap and applying small patches.
> The problem: keymaps are on the first floppy. The gain is loss by the new
> diff/patch binaries.
Yes. i have had a look on it today, and what is more, once compressed all those
keymap files they use only 10192 bytes, so we wiil not gain anythig patching

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