Antwort:Re: Too little floppy or too big file?

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:55:49 CEST

>The only true F.A.Q. in muLinux. I answered to this >question thousand times!
So this process seems not to fit the need of the people?!? ;-)

Why not additionally!!! distribute some floppy images for use
with rawrite? At least for the first disk! Or have a look at the bootloader of the V2 OS. They provide a dos executable which
builds a bootdisk from itself. That's really easy and coooool!

For me: We have just NT in our company. There is no way to get muLinux running. All the tools don't work under any protected
mode os, except Linux itself. Bad for beginners.

Nearly every distribution provides some boot disks today. Why not
muLinux. It would really be no additional work for you.

At least less work, as to answer all these questions ;-)


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