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From: Sabino Maggi (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 18:04:10 CEST

> In my pentium, I've much free disk space, but is not so easy
> install NT4 in the desidered partition. I do not trust in
> MS installer, because there is no trusted way to enstablish the
> destination partition. I fear the installer may plugh my
> important data without notifyation :-) MS product expects a whole
> disk and often starts reformatting. I'm not such able guy to
> control this feature.
> Michele

Problems do not usually appear in NT except that -- if I remember well --
the boot loader or something like that needs to be installed in the first
partition of the hd. I can check if you wish.
IF (I am right) .AND. (you have a win95/98 in the first partition) THEN
   it should be safe to install NT on your system
(ah, the good ol' & refreshin' FORTRAN)
And, with the NT bootloader you can boot also win95/98/3.1 (not linux, of

In any case, you should definitely consider using a tool like
Norton Ghost or the like to save the image(s) of your hd, either on a free
partition or, better, on a CD-R. This saves much time and effort.
I use it since a couple of years and I periodically make images of my NT
and Linux partitions. In the eventuality of a system crash you reboot in
dos, launch ghost, load the image from hd/cd-r and... you are back to your
last backup! I have restored this way my NT at least twice, without
reinstallation, without any data loss :-()
You should try.

Hope this helps, cheers
-- Sabino


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