System on a floppy disk

From: Stefanie A. Pagel (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 20:13:41 CEST

Hallo Liste,
during Installation of muLinux I would like to choose option [1] and
make Disks for a transportable muLinux.
Setup asks me to insert a disk into the floppy.
Whenver I do it, the lamp of the floppy blinks for 3 seconds and the
following message is printed on the screen:

Superformatting ...
Double-sided, 82 tracks, 21 sec/trac. Totally capacity 1722 kB.
Formatting ...
ioctl(FDFMTBEG): Read-only file system.

Insert a floppy-disk and press ENTER _

The floppx disk is NOT write protected ?

Anyone any idea that could help me ?

The computer is a 486 DX 75 laptop with 8 MB Ram and 340 MB Harddisk.
It is DOS system, installation is started with dostools.


Stefanie Pagel

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