Re: [mu TECH] A new installer for DOS

From: Clive Wright (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 02:06:23 CEST

Miguel Angel wrote:
> Really good news.
> Here is my rawrite2 utility. I have writen it from scratch. It allow writing
> images of any floppy type (1.44MB, 1722KB, 1804, ...), so makes really easy
> for a DOS user to write all mulinux images to floppy (provided the floppy has
> the right format). Under DOS it needs the fdread or 2m utilities (since it uses
> the BIOS to disk access), but under win95 you are able to write 1722KB floppies
> without any of this utilities (win95 supports fdformat 1722KB).
> Please, have a look on it.
I have tested rawrite2.exe using win95 in protected mode and
was able to read and write disk images of /f144,
/s21(1.68MB) and /f172.
        I then tested using NT4 and all failed.
Attempting to write to floppy gave the following error
message: "Writing Error: (R)etry or (C)ancel?".
The original rawrite also failed to write a 1.44MB image to
a high density floppy formatted with NT's native format
command; issuing the error message: "Attempt to DMA across
64K boundary".
Fdimage successfully wrote the same 1.44MB image from NT's
command prompt.
        If there are any other tests required to prove new dostools
under NT4 I am happy to trial them.


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