Re: [mu TECH] A new installer for DOS

From: Sabino Maggi (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 09:32:25 CEST

> > IF (I am right) .AND. (you have a win95/98 in the first partition) THEN
> > it should be safe to install NT on your system
> I've win98 in /dev/hda1, the first partition, but NT-Setup do not installed
> its loader.

/dev/hda1 is formatted as a FAT32 partition, isn't it? This explains why
NT cannot install its loader there. NT does know ANYTHING about FAT32.
Probably even Microsoft doesn't... ;-))

> > And, with the NT bootloader you can boot also win95/98/3.1 (not linux, of
> > course).
> Not Linux? False: there is a trick (using dd and other) for that.
> NT loader can boot Linux.

This I didn't know. Could you be more detailed?

> > In any case, you should definitely consider using a tool like
> > Norton Ghost or the like to save the image(s) of your hd, either on a free
> > partition or, better, on a CD-R. This saves much time and effort.
> > I use it since a couple of years and I periodically make images of my NT
> > and Linux partitions.
> Norton Ghost? It is some camouflage of "dd" command, because I can
> put all my partitions in a set of CD-ROM, using only "dd", mkisofs and
> cdrecord :-)

Yes, more or less. The nice thing for me is that, if thing get completely
screwed up on your partions, you can always boot from a floppy and
use ghost, without losing time trying to fix things up. I have everything
on just 1 floppy and it does its job well, with a very simple interface.

-- Sabino


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